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All photo data is included

You can get all photo data so you don't have to choose photos and worry about an additional fee. Let's do the photo shoot together happily and smartly with some items and various posings. We will shoot you in lots of shooting spots and posings and make you smile more.

*Photo file format is JPEG which is 4000 pixels at the long side.Raw data can not be provided.


You can choose kimonos you would like to wear for free

Please choose your kimonos from our website and you don't need to come to fit in advance because you would choose your favorite one out of 3 kimonos on the day of your photo shoot. And we think that we want bride to choose your favorite one because shooting with kimono is precious memory in your lifetime. We renew our kimonos at any time so please check our website out.


Just bring yourself

You need nothing for dressing kimono because we prepare for all, so you don't have to purchase or bring something.


Stylist with you

During the photo shoot, our stylists who dresses over 500 clients and are particular in wedding would go shooting together for your attendance They will help you with all their experienced skills.


We will prepared for transporting between our studio to your location

After dressing, we will go shooting together with your photographer and stylist. Let's talk and feel at ease.

*in case of high season, we would hire taxies sometimes and you don't need to pay for it


No application and entrance fee

Both included in your plan.

*If your family would come with you, please pay a entrance fee.


Lets have a fun
  • OneKimono plan at8AM
  • TwoKimono plan at8AM
  • OneKimono plan at1PM
  • TwoKimono plan at1PM

AM8:00 PM1:00

-Arriving at our studio

After arriving at our studio, let's choose your kimono out of chosen kimonos.
And we will start dressing.

AM8:15 PM1:15

-Starting to dress

We will make your ideal hair set and make-up with you. Please bring your image photos if you have them.
On the day of shooting, please come to our studio with no make-up and hairspray.

AM9:45 PM2:45

-Off to shooting

After dressing, finally let's go shooting together.

AM10:15 PM3:15

-Photo shoot -Photo shoot in your first location

Usually, we will start to shoot you with white kimono "Shiromuku" firstly.
We will take lots of photos of you in Kyoto location.

AM11:30 PM4:30

-Photo shoot in your second location

After the photo shoot with Shiromuku, we will change it to colourful kimono "Irouchikake" and let's restart the photo shoot.

AM11:45 AM12:45 PM4:45 PM5:45

-Coming back to our studio

After coming back to our studio, change your clothes and sign...
We will send all photo data to you later. You don't have to choose your photos at the time.

PM12:00 PM1:00 PM5:00 PM6:00

-Going back to your destination

Thank you so much for the photo shoot!
We will send all photo data within 3 weeks.

*This time line is approximate. It depends on your locations and a traffic condition.